Friday, September 14, 2018
By Larry Goldberg

Really, can I ask you a question? Will you give me an honest answer? Promise? OK, here's the question:

WHY DID YOU GIVE ME PHONY INFORMATION WHEN YOU REGISTERED ON THE WEBSITE? (If you didn't I apologize, but believe it or not, you're in the minority!)

Let me offer some possible reasons: 1) You like to look, but you don't think you'll never be able to afford a place down the shore, 2) You put real estate agents in the same category as used car salesmen and Life Insurance Agents, and who wants to talk to them, right? 3) You don't need to talk to a Real Estate Salesperson until you find something you like, and you can look at properties online, 4) You don't like people, especially sales people who are trying to sell you something you don't want! You'll keep renting for whatever time you can afford, 5) You're lazy, and it's easier to find something wrong with the properties you look at online, instead of driving all the way down to actually see properties LIVE, and maybe find the perfect one for you and your family, 6) It's your spouse's dream to have a second home at the beach, not yours. You're not about to have a sales person communicate with your spouse! 

I don't know what you do for a living, but I'm certain you know more about it than I do. If I wanted to know more about what you do, I'd Google it and check Wikipedia to find our basics. If I was really interested, I'd call you or send you an email. How can I do that if you give me a phony number and/or a bad email address. It's frustrating offering a free service to make your life better, and you won't talk to me.  Looking at something on your phone will never replace human interaction. It just promotes isolation and deception. 

Want to talk about it? My phone number is (609) 214-1184. My email is I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Larry at Chambers Real Estate.

Larry GoldbergLarry Goldberg
Realtor and Financial Consultant for Individuals and Businesses